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Learn about the 2019 downtown planning process and review draft materials. 


City is working on a downtown plan designed for implementation that will serve as a guide for Plan Commission, Council, City Staff and business/neighborhood group(s).  The plan should allow for incremental evolution of the downtown identity envisioned in the 2015 Barron Placemaking Report, as well as provide for bold initiatives and quick wins that provide optimism for downtown success.  Our ultimate goal is to work with the community to create a plan that guides the daily decisions by our implementers towards a vision that aligns with the long-term interests of downtown and the entire community.  The eight-month process will meet the objectives outlined below.

1. Establish a conceptual illustrative plan for the reconstruction of LaSalle Avenue that provides a balance between parking needs, pedestrian and social activity, and unique placemaking character.  The concept plan shall address, at a minimum, lighting, terrace and sidewalk design, street furniture, and landscaping.

2. Promote pedestrian activity and social gathering in the downtown through street, sidewalk, green space, and other enhancements.

3. Install measures to enhance safety and comfort for all modes of travel within downtown, especially pedestrian movement.

4. Update/establish policies, regulations, standards, incentives and programs to promote and achieve aesthetic improvements that preserve the history and character of the downtown.

5. Identify areas for infill, rehabilitation and commercial growth across downtown and also identify implementation strategies for attracting reinvestment.

6. Prepare a strategic downtown business plan to support existing business success and attract new businesses too, based on market research.  The market strategy shall address retail, hospitality, office and housing development.



Stakeholder engagement is extremely important to this project, especially in reaching the City’s diverse demographic. During this planning process we intend to request feedback through a variety of tools, from traditional public informational meetings to online surveys/polls to focus groups/interviews to interactive web mapping exercise.

On a roughly monthly basis the hired planning consultants, MSA Professional Services and Business Districts Inc., will meet with the Downtown Merchants Group as the steering committee for this project.  At these meetings, the steering committee will help review and provide feedback on the project deliverables.  The steering committee meetings are noticed on the City’s website and are open to the general public.

Meetings & Draft Documents

February 27 – Steering Committee Meeting #1 

Draft Documents

February 27 – Focus Group Roundtables 

February 27/28 – Stakeholder Interviews 

April 3 – Steering Committee Meeting #2

Draft Documents

May 8 – Steering Committee Meeting #3

Draft Documents

May 8 – Public Open House / Online Input Mapping

June 19 – Steering Committee Meeting #4 

Draft Documents

August 20 – Public Open House 

August 21 - Steering Committee Meeting #5

Draft Documents





Liz Jacobson, City Administrator | 715-537-5631


Stephen Tremlett, MSA Professional Services | 608-242-7779

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